Corrupted Conquest

Devil's Cut

After fleeing back to the Laughing Gull Inn, the group rested for the night (after some fake-dragon shenanigans) and awoke with a new purpose the next day. They split up, An’ka, Vithar, and Ekundayo going to experiment with the djupherim while Six, An’bao, and Si’en went to check in on the brewmaster, though Six worked from the shadows. The experimenting group found that the strange metal crumbled if heated long enough to dilute it’s oily properties and then chilled, and held a strong magical cast once the oil was gone. Afterwards they went to check on the lighthouse, but found no evidence of slavery there. The investigating group checked out the brewery, An’bao talking to the Hi’en workers and suggesting they get out of town. They told him that the brewmaster took the extra damaged barrels away every two weeks – the same as the schedule in the letters. He also found the same kind of cloth as a slaver’s apron in the brewery. Six decided to test the brewmaster by leaving a bar of djupherim in his line of sight. The brewmaster quickly took it and locked it away. Six took it back and left him a note telling him to get out of town, not wanting to see the brewmaster’s son orphaned. The others, however, were not so kind. Meeting back up with the three Hi’en, the group went to hunt down the brewmaster once they found out he was leaving town. They intercepted the brewmaster’s son with a note, Six managing to convince the kid that he was god in the process before sending him out of harms way. They cornered the brewmaster in his son’s room as he packed. They used his son as leverage and got him to spill the beans – his barrels were being used to transport the “backpacks” as An’bao called them. The slaves were needed to transport the djupherim to hide it’s magic. Six assured the brewmaster that his son would be taken care of by the brewmaster’s assistant, though An’bao wanted to keep the child himself. Si’en killed the man with an arrow to the chest. They locked up the room behind them, then went to the brewmaster’s assistant, telling him there’d been an accident and he needed to take the brewmaster’s son to his aunt in Fort Gunnede. He agreed, gathering the boy’s things and taking him out of town. Six warned the Hi’en workers once more, advising they go to Sindir. They headed back to the Laughing Gull, only to be met by a mysterious woman in their room…

Secrets by the Ocean

The group headed on to Port Vild, finding another slave body with the same wounds as the prior one. They also found a strange, metallic oil in the wound. Taking samples, they moved on to the Port, where they found Auribi doctor Xoxa. In exchange for removing Six’s tattoos he asked for several letters to be delivered. The others agreed to do it, though they became concerned upon looking at the content of the letters, discussing some kind of mysterious cargo and drop off dates. They delivered the letters but altered the dates, though only the brewmaster seemed to take note. Six got his tattoos removed and the group celebrated with wine. The next day they rooted out a ship of slavers, Six killing the captain and taking his disguise. He found the ship’s cargo – small blocks of an oily blue metal the crew referred to as djupherim. He took a bar, faking a tracking mark on it, and brought it to the others. They set the ship ablaze and hurriedly got out before they could get caught, destroying the Queen Eleanora and it’s long legacy as a slave vessel.

Ribbons and Red

Eidr and to’rong sent the group on a quick mission to Maldov to retrieve another godly artifact, a ribbon. On the way the group passed a strange body – it was a slave but it looked like something had been cut from it’s stomach. They decided to investigate it later as they went to Maldov. Strange things had been happening in the town for several days, such as snapping plants, odd music, and mysterious apparitions. Eventually a strange, living stuffed dragon emerged, briefly fighting the group before Six burnt it down. Six rooted out the source of the maladies, a little girl who’d been knocked out when she found a strange ribbon in the forest. The odd occurences were things from her dreams. Six retrieved the ribbon and got it to the others, the girl waking up and the town safe. They returned to Sindir, passing the ribbon off to the librarians. They had no other quests for them but suggested going to Port Vild, where they got their information. There was also a doctor there, Xoxa, who could remove An’bao’s facial tattoos.


The party reaches Sindir, the first town in Torv, and explores a bit. Eventually they find the Sindir Library, owned by Eidr and To’rong Laug. They suggest visiting the Jungle Temple, a mysterious old structure presumedly created by earl Estvanir or Aurig. The group rests overnight in town and heads out the next day. After a day filled with bugs they reach the temple, sleeping in the clearing by it overnight. The next day they begin to explore. The first two floors have been picked clean but thanks to An’ka’s Weirdcircle they find the floor to the next level (though unfortunately she also magics a pink ballgown on herself.) They enter a long hallway covered in Deshret hieroglyphs depicting them fleeing from Gunnvorig. After that they entered a room with eight Chaos idols, followed by a hall of the dead. Vithar takes the time to retrieve some historic necromancy items. The next chamber is a library, though the scrolls are all made of Deshret or Estvanir flesh. Following that is a planetarium room, and some kind of training room. By removing a spear from the weapons rack An’bao opens the next chamber up – a massive crypt room filled with canopic jars. One huge jar sits in the center of the room, bound in chain. An’bao touches it and awakens the Hydralid. After a brief battle they figure out that to open the last door they need to take the Hydralid’s skull and use it as a key. An’bao cranks it open and gets the group outside, where they eventually spot the Crown of Summer. Touching it reawakens Haxe, one of the seasonal Aurig gods, who talks with them briefly before they rest for the night. They bring the Crown back to Eidr and To’rong, who hide it away for safe-keeping.

Talking to the Ocean and a Cat

The next morning Ba’kon has begun to realize the gravity of his situation. He began to feel the alcohol withdrawal already and knew he could not make the trip all the way to the swamps. Instead he chose to claim sanctuary at the local temple, after thanking the group for showing him that people were still willing to help. The group escorted him to the temple grounds, where they met an odd girl named Enyula who was conversing with a sea shell. She claimed that the sea goddess Junta was talking to her through the shell. An’bao heard a voice inside the conch, as did a few of the others, and Enyula excitedly directed them to the ocean. Under the waves three members of the group could now speak with the weakened goddess, who explained that Aur was killing off the other Aurig gods and would soon seek out the other race’s deities if he wasn’t stopped. She convinced the group to help her, directing them to next seek the Crown of Summer up in Torv and get it to the Cult of the Fallen. Meanwhile Vithar, recently arrived in Frejos after a rough trip at seas, comes to investigate the bizarre sight of three people with their heads in the water for no apparent reason. Though there is tension amongst the Hi’en (especially An’bao) they do not kill the necromancer. The group goes to say goodbye to Ba’kon before leaving town, the necromancer tagging along. The next afternoon they reach the town of Skaldein, where there is a commotion in the town square. A calico cat named Rose is being held on suspicion of witchcraft and will be burned at the stake the next morning. The odd talking cat chats up the group and convinces them to help her by getting her spellbook back. In return she offers them answers and a prize. Vithar proves his worth by using Message to evacuate the church so the group can get the book. After a fast rest and meal they return the book to Rose. She explosively turns into her human form, which attracts the guards. After a brief battle Rose manages to send off the rest of the townfolk to avoid further bloodshed (though the group begins to question why they killed 5 people for a cat…) She rewards An’ka with her Weirdcircle and answers a few questions from the rest of the group before disappearing as bizzarely as she came.

Two Hi'en, Two Matota, and an Auribi Walk Into a Bar...

The campaign opens on An’bao attempting to steal Makrua’s clothes. Makrua goes to buy him some clothes while Si’en talks with him. When Makrua returns An’bao promptly strips, attracting the attention of the recently-paid An’ka. She follows the odd group as they head to The Silver Goblet Inn, where Ekundayo is eating and Six is working. As they eat they note the antics of a severely inebriated homeless Hi’en named Ba’kon, who is eventually tossed out on his rear. An’ka takes pity on him and attempts to lead him away so she can get him to the swamplands. An’bao then notices slavers asking around for the drunk, and the guards don’t do a whole hell of a lot. They go to An’ka and Ba’kon, who promptly freaks out. They decide to stay at the Siren & Anchor Inn. Meanwhile that night Six hears talks of slavers searching for Ba’kon and, disturbed, decides to tail a group of them as they head to the Siren & Anchor. Three of the group stay inside while two guard the back door. Upon finding out about the slavers the group panics slightly and decides to shoot one of the two outer guards – as Six is bluffing them. When one falls to Si’en’s arrow he convinces them the guard is after them and the slavers hurry off, one being killed by Six. The rest of the group sneaks Ba’kon out and they decide to stay at The Silver Goblet, where Ba’kon knows Six works. An’ka speaks to Six in gratitude and asks for aid, to which Six gets the group a pair of rooms on his floor. The innkeeper says they have to leave the following day though.

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