Corrupted Conquest


The party reaches Sindir, the first town in Torv, and explores a bit. Eventually they find the Sindir Library, owned by Eidr and To’rong Laug. They suggest visiting the Jungle Temple, a mysterious old structure presumedly created by earl Estvanir or Aurig. The group rests overnight in town and heads out the next day. After a day filled with bugs they reach the temple, sleeping in the clearing by it overnight. The next day they begin to explore. The first two floors have been picked clean but thanks to An’ka’s Weirdcircle they find the floor to the next level (though unfortunately she also magics a pink ballgown on herself.) They enter a long hallway covered in Deshret hieroglyphs depicting them fleeing from Gunnvorig. After that they entered a room with eight Chaos idols, followed by a hall of the dead. Vithar takes the time to retrieve some historic necromancy items. The next chamber is a library, though the scrolls are all made of Deshret or Estvanir flesh. Following that is a planetarium room, and some kind of training room. By removing a spear from the weapons rack An’bao opens the next chamber up – a massive crypt room filled with canopic jars. One huge jar sits in the center of the room, bound in chain. An’bao touches it and awakens the Hydralid. After a brief battle they figure out that to open the last door they need to take the Hydralid’s skull and use it as a key. An’bao cranks it open and gets the group outside, where they eventually spot the Crown of Summer. Touching it reawakens Haxe, one of the seasonal Aurig gods, who talks with them briefly before they rest for the night. They bring the Crown back to Eidr and To’rong, who hide it away for safe-keeping.



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