Corrupted Conquest

Talking to the Ocean and a Cat

The next morning Ba’kon has begun to realize the gravity of his situation. He began to feel the alcohol withdrawal already and knew he could not make the trip all the way to the swamps. Instead he chose to claim sanctuary at the local temple, after thanking the group for showing him that people were still willing to help. The group escorted him to the temple grounds, where they met an odd girl named Enyula who was conversing with a sea shell. She claimed that the sea goddess Junta was talking to her through the shell. An’bao heard a voice inside the conch, as did a few of the others, and Enyula excitedly directed them to the ocean. Under the waves three members of the group could now speak with the weakened goddess, who explained that Aur was killing off the other Aurig gods and would soon seek out the other race’s deities if he wasn’t stopped. She convinced the group to help her, directing them to next seek the Crown of Summer up in Torv and get it to the Cult of the Fallen. Meanwhile Vithar, recently arrived in Frejos after a rough trip at seas, comes to investigate the bizarre sight of three people with their heads in the water for no apparent reason. Though there is tension amongst the Hi’en (especially An’bao) they do not kill the necromancer. The group goes to say goodbye to Ba’kon before leaving town, the necromancer tagging along. The next afternoon they reach the town of Skaldein, where there is a commotion in the town square. A calico cat named Rose is being held on suspicion of witchcraft and will be burned at the stake the next morning. The odd talking cat chats up the group and convinces them to help her by getting her spellbook back. In return she offers them answers and a prize. Vithar proves his worth by using Message to evacuate the church so the group can get the book. After a fast rest and meal they return the book to Rose. She explosively turns into her human form, which attracts the guards. After a brief battle Rose manages to send off the rest of the townfolk to avoid further bloodshed (though the group begins to question why they killed 5 people for a cat…) She rewards An’ka with her Weirdcircle and answers a few questions from the rest of the group before disappearing as bizzarely as she came.



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