Corrupted Conquest

Two Hi'en, Two Matota, and an Auribi Walk Into a Bar...

The campaign opens on An’bao attempting to steal Makrua’s clothes. Makrua goes to buy him some clothes while Si’en talks with him. When Makrua returns An’bao promptly strips, attracting the attention of the recently-paid An’ka. She follows the odd group as they head to The Silver Goblet Inn, where Ekundayo is eating and Six is working. As they eat they note the antics of a severely inebriated homeless Hi’en named Ba’kon, who is eventually tossed out on his rear. An’ka takes pity on him and attempts to lead him away so she can get him to the swamplands. An’bao then notices slavers asking around for the drunk, and the guards don’t do a whole hell of a lot. They go to An’ka and Ba’kon, who promptly freaks out. They decide to stay at the Siren & Anchor Inn. Meanwhile that night Six hears talks of slavers searching for Ba’kon and, disturbed, decides to tail a group of them as they head to the Siren & Anchor. Three of the group stay inside while two guard the back door. Upon finding out about the slavers the group panics slightly and decides to shoot one of the two outer guards – as Six is bluffing them. When one falls to Si’en’s arrow he convinces them the guard is after them and the slavers hurry off, one being killed by Six. The rest of the group sneaks Ba’kon out and they decide to stay at The Silver Goblet, where Ba’kon knows Six works. An’ka speaks to Six in gratitude and asks for aid, to which Six gets the group a pair of rooms on his floor. The innkeeper says they have to leave the following day though.



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