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  • Makrua

    Makrua's parents are worrywarts, and don't like to let him out of their sight in fear of him falling ill or getting hurt. Thus, he didn't leave the house often. That is, until he snuck out one night and made a dash.

  • Six

    Six was born into serving the Veimer family, having been told nothing of his parents as he grew up to be a pleasure or body slave. Notably a coward unless he has a sure win. he decided to not only attempt to burn down his masters house (to buy him time) …

  • Vithar Ives

    Vithar is an apprentice to necromancers of the [[House of Coffins]]. Recently, the House has been travelling out of [[Osvala]] to study how foreign creatures are affected by necromancy. Accompanied by their apprentice, Vithar, a necromancer was on a ship …

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