Corrupted Conquest

Devil's Cut

After fleeing back to the Laughing Gull Inn, the group rested for the night (after some fake-dragon shenanigans) and awoke with a new purpose the next day. They split up, An’ka, Vithar, and Ekundayo going to experiment with the djupherim while Six, An’bao, and Si’en went to check in on the brewmaster, though Six worked from the shadows. The experimenting group found that the strange metal crumbled if heated long enough to dilute it’s oily properties and then chilled, and held a strong magical cast once the oil was gone. Afterwards they went to check on the lighthouse, but found no evidence of slavery there. The investigating group checked out the brewery, An’bao talking to the Hi’en workers and suggesting they get out of town. They told him that the brewmaster took the extra damaged barrels away every two weeks – the same as the schedule in the letters. He also found the same kind of cloth as a slaver’s apron in the brewery. Six decided to test the brewmaster by leaving a bar of djupherim in his line of sight. The brewmaster quickly took it and locked it away. Six took it back and left him a note telling him to get out of town, not wanting to see the brewmaster’s son orphaned. The others, however, were not so kind. Meeting back up with the three Hi’en, the group went to hunt down the brewmaster once they found out he was leaving town. They intercepted the brewmaster’s son with a note, Six managing to convince the kid that he was god in the process before sending him out of harms way. They cornered the brewmaster in his son’s room as he packed. They used his son as leverage and got him to spill the beans – his barrels were being used to transport the “backpacks” as An’bao called them. The slaves were needed to transport the djupherim to hide it’s magic. Six assured the brewmaster that his son would be taken care of by the brewmaster’s assistant, though An’bao wanted to keep the child himself. Si’en killed the man with an arrow to the chest. They locked up the room behind them, then went to the brewmaster’s assistant, telling him there’d been an accident and he needed to take the brewmaster’s son to his aunt in Fort Gunnede. He agreed, gathering the boy’s things and taking him out of town. Six warned the Hi’en workers once more, advising they go to Sindir. They headed back to the Laughing Gull, only to be met by a mysterious woman in their room…



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