Corrupted Conquest

Ribbons and Red

Eidr and to’rong sent the group on a quick mission to Maldov to retrieve another godly artifact, a ribbon. On the way the group passed a strange body – it was a slave but it looked like something had been cut from it’s stomach. They decided to investigate it later as they went to Maldov. Strange things had been happening in the town for several days, such as snapping plants, odd music, and mysterious apparitions. Eventually a strange, living stuffed dragon emerged, briefly fighting the group before Six burnt it down. Six rooted out the source of the maladies, a little girl who’d been knocked out when she found a strange ribbon in the forest. The odd occurences were things from her dreams. Six retrieved the ribbon and got it to the others, the girl waking up and the town safe. They returned to Sindir, passing the ribbon off to the librarians. They had no other quests for them but suggested going to Port Vild, where they got their information. There was also a doctor there, Xoxa, who could remove An’bao’s facial tattoos.



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