Corrupted Conquest

Secrets by the Ocean

The group headed on to Port Vild, finding another slave body with the same wounds as the prior one. They also found a strange, metallic oil in the wound. Taking samples, they moved on to the Port, where they found Auribi doctor Xoxa. In exchange for removing Six’s tattoos he asked for several letters to be delivered. The others agreed to do it, though they became concerned upon looking at the content of the letters, discussing some kind of mysterious cargo and drop off dates. They delivered the letters but altered the dates, though only the brewmaster seemed to take note. Six got his tattoos removed and the group celebrated with wine. The next day they rooted out a ship of slavers, Six killing the captain and taking his disguise. He found the ship’s cargo – small blocks of an oily blue metal the crew referred to as djupherim. He took a bar, faking a tracking mark on it, and brought it to the others. They set the ship ablaze and hurriedly got out before they could get caught, destroying the Queen Eleanora and it’s long legacy as a slave vessel.



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